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Parnall and Adams Law Recommended Checklist for Minor Car Crashes during COVID-19 Times

In an effort to minimize exposure and to protect the integrity of our healthcare system, we recommend the following steps ONLY if your injuries doesn’t require immediate medical attention.

1. Take a picture of the license plate of the vehicle that hit you

2. Do not touch their license or insurance card — take clear pictures of both.

3. It is likely that law enforcement will be overwhelmed as well with the ongoing pandemic. If no law enforcement or service aide is able to respond — respectfully ask the at fault driver if they would do a brief statement to avoid police intervention. In NM, it is a one-party consent state to record. Take your cell phone and ask the other driver how they caused the accident — be respectful, non-confrontational, we are in this together. Ask if they admit fault.

Then respectfully ask if they were using their cell phone at the time the accident occurred.

4. Treatment and urgent / primary care. Call your local care providers to ensure they are able to see you. We need to do our part to conserve resources and allow our providers to help those that need it most. If you believe your injuries are primarily soft-tissues injuries, a chiropractor can take x-rays and/or assess you over the phone for a determination for an in-person consultation.

If you need assistance in consulting over the phone with a local chiropractor — Parnall and Adams can assist in connecting you with a phone consultation and determine what steps may be recommended. We are available and working all hours of the day. Call us at (505) 600-1417.

Disclaimer: The above message is only a recommendation; this is not the law. This is in anticipation of the hardships associated with the pandemic and receiving proper care.