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THE CRUX OF TIME Jane Doe andThe Re-imagination of Indigenous Justice By: David Adams

Abstract   The painted picture of the historical relationship between federal and tribal governments isn’t pretty. The rate of suicide …

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Parnall and Adams Law: Contracted to Prosecute Domestic Violence Crimes

Parnall and Adams Law has a contract to serve as special prosecutors for certain crimes of domestic violence. Prosecution is …

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Victims’ Rights : Ensuring Jane Doe Has a Voice

Victims’ Rights are a fundamental component of our criminal justice system because it ensures that Jane Doe has a voice …

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2021 A Year In Review

The pandemic has had a profound impact on so many of our communities. As a law firm we see the …

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What happens when you get in an accident on Indigenous land?

What happens when you get in an accident on Indigenous land? New Mexico is a diverse and unique state—culturally, geographically, …

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Smart Solar Investments Start with Smart Financing

Embracing green energy, like solar power, can be a smart investment for homeowners. Technological innovations and consumer tax credits at …

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