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2021 A Year In Review


The pandemic has had a profound impact on so many of our communities. As a law firm we see the impact through a different lens due to the nature of cases we take and the calls that we receive.

In addition to our normal work we provided hundreds of hours of pro bono services to community members throughout New Mexico. Parnall and Adams partnered with non-profits such as the New Mexico Office on Law and Poverty, New Mexico Legal Aid, Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women, and the ACLU on cases or investigations that are crucial to ensuring people are treated fairly and equitably in a world where money and power seem to rule.

In addition to recovering millions for our clients, Parnall and Adams Law also conducted investigations into prior death cases that were closed as accidental deaths and reopened into homicide investigations in their respective jurisdictions – with a focus on Missing and Murdered Indigenous women.

In the name of profit, small businesses and large nationwide corporations alike have practices that can either financially cause harm or can lead to wrongful death. Over the course of 2021 and going into 2022 we continue to hold businesses and individuals responsible for the wrongful death and injuries that can occur when business or people don’t take proper care in protecting those in our communities.

Parnall and Adams Law has also represented various Tribal governments on internal matters that required thorough investigations to determine wrongdoing or recommendations for best practices. Holding people and entities accountable for their wrongdoings is essential in moving forward and being successful in future endeavors.

Going into 2022 – some of the important work that we have includes but is not limited to the following: investigating negligent acts that took place within daycare facilities, grocery chains that knew of dangerous conditions and did nothing to prevent injury, rideshare companies that don’t live up to their safe promise, hospitals that have failed to provide reasonable care resulting in death, nursing homes that failed to properly monitor the elderly, drug and alcohol related injuries involving motor vehicles, insurance companies that have breached their contract and promises to their insured, and several businesses that failed to provide safe premises resulting in injury. The list goes on.

We have lots of work to do – and the issues unfortunately will not end. I am super proud of the team we have here and the work that we have done and continue to do, to help ensure we play a role in changing how people are treated. Thank you for your trust in Parnall and Adams Law.

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