2021 A Year In Review

The pandemic has had a profound impact on so many of our communities. As a law firm we see the impact through a different lens due to the nature of cases we take and the calls that we receive. In addition to our normal work we provided hundreds of hours of pro bono services to […]

Smart Solar Investments Start with Smart Financing

Embracing green energy, like solar power, can be a smart investment for homeowners. Technological innovations and consumer tax credits at both the state and federal level have lowered the cost and increased accessibility for residents to implement solar power. However, along with increased benefits comes increased risks. The solar industry is ripe for scammers, who […]

Am I The Victim Of An Overbilling Scheme?

person rereads invoice to make sure they are not a victim of a overbilling scheme

Overbilling is an intentional or unintentional increase in the amount charged for a particular service compared to the amount initially posted or agreed upon. In some cases, a simple human error or system glitch may be the cause of overbilling, which is typically resolved within a short period of time. However, some less reputable contractors […]

What Is Overbilling?

customer calculate the charges on the invoice to make sure the contractor is not overbilling them

Overbilling occurs when a contractor inflates the cost of goods and/or labor, charging their client at higher rates than the amount agreed upon. While this can sometimes be done unintentionally, some less reputable contractors will do this intentionally, hoping that their client overlooks the inflated costs in order to defraud them. In especially severe cases, […]

Common Types Of Consumer Fraud

Image depicting types of consumer fraud

Consumer fraud occurs when an entity uses deceptive business practices that result in customers sustaining personal or financial losses. Although almost anyone can be a victim of consumer fraud, college students and senior citizens are often the targets of these types of scams. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), fraud represented the largest source […]

What Is Identity Theft?

Man committing identity theft

Identity theft happens when someone steals your personally-identifiable information (e.g., your Social Security number, credit card info, etc.) and uses it without your permission. With more of our information than ever online and in the hands of corporations, identity theft is a fast-growing crisis. Cyber attackers will often target websites, companies or other stores of […]