Looking for a wrongful death attorney? A wrongful death suit is a civil claim against a person who is responsible for the death of another, whether the cause was intentional or negligent. Section 41-2-1 of the New Mexico Statutes defines a wrongful death as being “caused by the wrongful act, neglect, or default of another.”

wrongful death attorneyWrongful death claims allow families victimized by wrongful death to seek damages for their loss. Some examples of damages for wrongful death in New Mexico include medical expenses, funeral and burial expenses and loss of companionship and financial contribution.

A wrongful death is among the most traumatic experiences in life. In addition to the emotional strain, the financial burden of a wrongful death compounds stress and grief. Families victimized by wrongful death deserve compensation.

It’s important for families to address wrongful death promptly even in the face of the extremely challenging circumstances. To do so, they need to seek out a wrongful death legal team for who can handle their case.

How To Find A Wrongful Death Attorney

Finding a wrongful death attorney for your case can be a challenge. Seeking justice for your loved one is important to you and you want to ensure your case is strong. Wrongful death victims need a strategy for finding the right wrongful death attorney for their case.

Experience Level In Litigation

One of the most important factors in selecting an attorney for your wrongful death claim is their experience level in litigation. This can be an area where many wrongful death clients make a mistake and it is completely understandable. However, not all lawyers have experience in litigation; in fact, many attorneys never practice litigation.

Litigation is the part of the legal process that involves the court system and trials. Not all cases require litigation because the parties involved in disputes can reach a settlement before a trial needs to be heard. In cases where defendants are uncooperative, litigation will be necessary to obtain justice. Victims risk weakening their case if they are not fully informed on an attorney’s willingness to go to court.

Feeling Sympathy

family members of a wrongful death victimThe sudden loss of a loved one is often the most difficult experience in a person’s life. The legal process of ensuring justice must be handled with the care and attention you and your family deserve. You deserve an attorney who feels genuine sympathy for the tremendous burden you are handling.

Look To An Agency’s Wins And Losses

It is completely understandable after a wrongful death to want to see justice done. When considering law firms to take your case, look into their wins and losses on wrongful death claims. It will give you the insight you need to decide whether an attorney deserves your family’s financial and emotional investment.

Case information is not always openly available. But law firms with a history of supporting wrongful death victims will understand the extreme level of trust you are considering placing in them. If they want to serve you and your family, they will be transparent with you. Ask potential attorneys to share case history with you so that you can reach a confident decision.

Compare Your Type Of Case

automobile accidents and wrongful death attorneyWhile researching an agency’s wins and losses, compare the details of their cases to your own situation. Some firms specialize in specific types of wrongful death cases, such as automobile accidents or medical malpractice. You want to ensure that a firm has experience not only in wrongful death, but in the specific type of wrongful death case your loved one has suffered from.

At Parnall and Adams Law, we’ve helped clients obtain justice in a wide variety of wrongful death cases drawing on career experience in both federal prosecution and civil litigation. Our case history includes the examples listed above in addition to nursing home neglect, deadly slip-and-fall, defective products, workplace accidents, and more.

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Parnall and Adams Law has a history of success helping families affected by wrongful death obtain justice for their loved one. We understand the trauma your family is going through and the burden thrown upon you. We fight to protect your rights and see that you receive the compensation you deserve. If you believe that the loss of your loved one was caused by wrongful death, contact a Parnall and Adams attorney today for a free consultation.