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What happens when you get in an accident on Indigenous land?


What happens when you get in an accident on Indigenous land?

New Mexico is a diverse and unique state—culturally, geographically, and legally. A roadtrip across the state might take you through mountainous passes, vast stretches of desert, or colorful rock canyons within a matter of hours. But, did you know that that same road trip—or even daily commute to work—likely brings you through many different Indigenous communities? With 22 Pueblos and Nations throughout the state, many of New Mexico’s major highways pass directly through Indigenous land.

In New Mexico, most tribes have their own court systems with their own set of laws. As a result, any legal claim occurring on tribal land is likely subject to tribal court.

Do not attempt to resolve any accident-related claim with injuries without contacting an attorney first. The party causing you damages is not there to help you, they are there to help their insured and their own pocketbook.

 An important reminder for tribal members: State law enforcement does not have the authority to cite you for infractions that occur within the boundaries of the reservation, they do not have jurisdiction.

Looking to find financial justice after a car accident? Before agreeing to a settlement or accepting any money for damages, contact Parnall and Adams Law. We can aid you in finding a fair settlement and support you in the journey to justice. Trust the Parnall and Adams team to offer sound legal advice, litigation services, and professional representation in any area of tribal law.

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