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David Adams Joins National Tribal Trial College

David Adams, one of the co-founding attorneys at Parnall & Adams, has joined the National Tribal Trial College (part of the Southwest Center for Law & Policy). Mr. Adams joined the group to provide assistance to tribal communities and training to organizations that provide support for tribal communities.

To learn more, read Mr. Adams’ bio on the NTTC website.

Parnall and Adams Resolve Civil Rights Housing Case

Principal Attorneys Charles Parnall & David Adams represented residents of Aztec Village, a mobile home park in Albuquerque, in a lawsuit against Nodel Parks, LLC. The lawsuit was filed against Nodel Parks, LLC to dispute illegal fines and eviction notices.

To learn more about the case, read the original article.

American Civil Liberties Union Of New Mexico Sues School District

The largest school district in New Mexico was sued by the American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico. The case involved a teacher creating an unsafe learning environment, and making inappropriate comments regarding Halloween costumes.

To read more about Parnall & Adam’s involvement with the case, check out the original article.

DWI Crash Killing New Mexico Rapper

A crash involving an Albuquerque hip-hop artist, Andrew Martinez, or Wake Self, was caused by a driver who has been charged with a DWI. Wake Self died in the crash, and the driver is now facing aggravated DWI and other counts.

Check out the full case details and account in the original article.

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